The Initial Setup for Your Baby

Die Erstausstattung für Dein Baby

All these questions are swirling in the minds of expectant mothers as we eagerly anticipate our little miracle and want to fully enjoy this time. Just about a year ago, I, too, pondered all these thoughts and spent hours researching to gather the best tips and be perfectly prepared.

With this post, I want to share my personal tips and advice with you as an expectant mother. With much love and the experience of being a mother of two, I've put together a baby essentials list (available for download and printing) for you. My absolute favorites are our beautiful newborn set combined with our knit booties and a cuddly Merino blanket.

I wish you lots of joy while shopping for your baby essentials ♡

Is there a product you feel is missing? We can all learn wonderfully from each other - I look forward to exchanging thoughts and sharing tips in the comments on this important topic.

Warm regards, Katharina

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