The Benefits of Merino Wool - All Year Round

Eigenschaften und Vorteile von Merinowolle

Merino Wool: The Ideal Choice for Baby Clothing

Merino wool is a well-known and popular material for fashion, especially for babies. At Lille Toni, we've made it our mission to create our products from high-quality, pure Merino wool because it offers numerous advantages. It doesn't hold odors, is incredibly soft, and gentle on a baby's sensitive skin. Moreover, Merino wool regulates temperature, providing warmth when it's cold and cooling comfort when it's warm. These are the well-known facts about this beloved material, but where does Merino wool come from, and what makes it so exceptional?

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is a natural fiber obtained from the fleece of Merino sheep. It represents a premium form of wool due to its fineness and incredible softness. Unlike regular wool, Merino doesn't itch and provides your baby with a wonderfully soft feel against their skin. The Merino wool we use is biodegradable, a pure natural product, and free from mulesing, making it an eco-friendly choice. Environmental protection and sustainability are of great importance to us, as they contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for our children.

Why Does Merino Wool Provide Such Comfortable Warmth?

As mentioned earlier, Merino wool is a unique type of fleece. Its individual fibers are crimped and wavy in shape. This structure allows the fibers to lay lightly and loosely over each other, creating small air pockets that trap and retain the body's warmth. Consequently, Merino wool stores your own body heat and acts as an insulator, whether you're facing winter cold or summer heat.

Can Merino Wool Be Worn in the Summer?

We often get asked if our Merino products can be worn in the spring or even summer months, given concerns about the material being too warm. Merino wool is indeed suitable for warmer seasons because it provides a cooling sensation on the skin when it's hot. Merino wool manages moisture levels in the body, helping regulate your body temperature. Additionally, the air pockets between the individual wool fibers, as described earlier, also offer insulation against external heat, making it versatile year-round.

How to Care for Merino Wool Products?

Merino wool doesn't require frequent washing, as it is self-cleaning. You can simply air the products outside, especially in humid conditions. However, with babies, the occasional proper wash may be necessary. You can hand wash the product at a maximum of 30°C using a wool detergent. To ensure your Lille Toni products remain in great condition, you can find our care and washing instructions here.

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