Autumn Essentials for Your Baby

Herbstausstattung für Dein Baby

We're still floating in a summery atmosphere, enjoying the long, sunny days by the water. A cool ice cream for refreshment and plenty of fresh air.

However, we'd like to offer you some ideas for your baby's autumn wardrobe. Colorful walks in the woods, golden hours in nature, and a fresh breeze in the air. Autumn can be so beautiful, and with our Lille Toni outfits, your baby will be perfectly equipped.

Here are our top 5 Lille Toni products for the perfect autumn wardrobe for your baby:

Our cuddly blankets made from the finest Merino wool: An absolute must-have for chilly autumn days is our snuggly blankets. Made from 100% finest Merino wool, our blankets invite gentle cuddling. These lightweight and warm knit wool blankets come in various textures and colors. Due to their size and breathability, they are ideal as your baby's first blanket. Our Lille Toni cuddly blanket is a must-have in any baby's wardrobe and also makes a perfect gift for birth or baptism. Enjoy a long-lasting companion, perfect as a play mat or a warm blanket for your autumn strolls.

Our cardigan "Flori" made from Merino wool: "Flori" is a wonderful companion for colorful autumn days. This cardigan stands out with its double-breasted button placket and sweet collar. The sleeves can be rolled up, revealing a contrasting inner lining. This double-breasted cardigan is perfect as a transitional jacket and will keep your baby cuddly warm.

Our bestseller Merino leggings "Finn": Our knit leggings made from mulesing-free Merino wool are an all-time favorite and should be a part of your baby's autumn wardrobe. With our adjustable Lille Toni leggings, crawling, playing, and frolicking become even more enjoyable. The waistband and legs can be easily rolled up, so your baby can wear these cute pants for a long time. Thanks to the ribbed structure, the leggings are very comfortable and stretchy.

Our Merino hats in various designs: A cuddly hat is a must-have for autumn. At Lille Toni, you'll find beautiful hats in gentle Lille Toni colors and various designs suitable for newborns up to toddlers. Babies lose most of their body heat through their heads, and these soft Lille Toni hats do an excellent job regulating warmth. Our adorable bonnets "Jona" and "Ela" are perfect for the little ones, as they can be tied with a ribbon to prevent slipping. The "Emma" beanie is a classic, available in sizes 0-1 year and 1-3 years in our shop. For slightly older children, "Friedo" is an excellent choice. In the size 1-3 years, it fits comfortably for a long time, thanks to its stretchable ribbed structure. "Friedo" is lighter than "Emma," making it an excellent transitional hat.

Our baby booties made from Merino wool: For the littlest ones, we recommend our adorable knit booties made from soft Merino wool. They can be worn from birth, and the adjustable ribbon allows you to customize the fit. The super-fine Merino wool is climate-regulating and keeps those tiny feet cozy.

    With these sweet Lille Toni products, you and your baby will be perfectly prepared for the beautiful but cooler autumn days. What are the essentials in your autumn wardrobe?

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