How to take care of your Lille Toni knitted products

So that our products from Lille Toni remain so beautiful for a long time, we would like to give you some tips on care.

Merino wool is a fiber that is self-cleaning. It is completely sufficient to air the products outside (high humidity is perfect for this). This may sound strange, but it really works. Merino wool contains the natural fat lanolin. Lanolin is antibacterial and acts like a natural soap when it comes in contact with moisture.

Our care label says hand wash. You can't go wrong with the classic hand wash. Please use cold or lukewarm water (max. 30 degrees) with a good wool detergent.

Be careful not to leave the product in the water for too long and avoid friction, as this can also lead to shrinkage. Rinse the wool detergent with cold or lukewarm water and dry your Lille Toni product lying down, preferably on an absorbent towel.

Have fun with our products.